Frequently Asked Questions
What is a transient overvoltage?

Why are transient overvoltages of concern?

Where do transient overvoltages come from?

How do transient overvoltages get into my equipment?

How can I protect my equipment?

How do overvoltage protectors work?

Can Overvoltage Protectors interfere with the operation of my equipment?

How do I select a protector?

Protector specifications mention "lines and loops", explain?

Protector specifications mention "modes", explain?

Protector specifications mention "stages", explain?

What are the basic components of the typical overvoltage protector?

What happens in an overvoltage protection circuit when it suppresses a transient?

Application Examples

Electronic Traffic Controllers

Cable TV(CATV) RF Amplifier and AC Power Supply Electronics

Railroad Trackside Monitor & Control Electronics

Oil and Gas Pipeline

Remote Solar Powered Electronics

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